Kids Ballet Dance

SYDNEY DANCE RHYTHMS ('SDR') offers a range of classes for children including Creative Dance, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Salsa, Latin and Ballroom dancing. At SDR your child will have the opportunity to perform and display the skills and dances they have learnt at the end of each term. Throughout the year SDR will hold performances at one of many events including local Festivals, Carnivals, Dance Spectaculars and other festivities, and your child may be chosen to show his or her newly learnt dance talent.

Ballet is a style of dance that originated in the Italian courts during the Renaissance period in the 15th century, and has developed into a concert dance form in France and Russia. It has become really popular in all corners of the world. The dance is very technical, and the names of the Ballet moves are based on French terminology. 

There are a few types of Ballet: Story Ballet that tells a story, Plotless Ballet that has no storyline.

The styles of Ballet that have been studied along the time are:

Classical Ballet, which is the most common style of ballet, and what people usually think of when they hear "Ballet". This style is characterized by grace, flowing movements, pointe work, balance and symmetry, emphasis on story ballets and narrative, and it involves elaborate costumes.

Neo-Classical Ballet was introduced in the 20th century by choreographers like George Balanchine. It is characterized by speed, energy, asymmetry, off-balamnce feel. It includes manipulation of the classical ballet. It is often one-act ballets, non-narrative, and costumes are, in general, fairly simple. 

Contemporary Ballet includes floor work, turn-in of the legs, a great rage of movement and body line. This style is influenced by modern dance.  

Our Ballet Classes encourage children to discover their physical potential, movement and sense of gravity. Your child will start with fundamental movements and gradually progress to activities that are faster, bigger and more challenging. The classes will help the children develop strength, balance, coordination, good posture and proper alignment. Music is a major part of the class to instill melody and rhythm. 

This is a Beginner Ballet (Pre-Primary) which will prepare the students for the next level up (Primary) that will prepare them for their first ballet exam (to be introduced later in the year).

Our dance classes for children are taught by highly trained teachers and classes with SDR will positively benefit your child's self-esteem development, coordination, confidence and socialization.

Our classes are running for kids between 6 to 15 years old.
Ballet for Children 4

Students are expected to be well-groomed, neatly presented with hair worn in a bun.

All students are required to wear a uniform that can be purchased from the Bloch Stores. For cheaper options, you could check Target or Myer stores. 

Ballet Uniform for Girls:

- Pink/ Lilac or Marin Blue short sleeved leotard

- Pink/ Lilac or Marin Blue full circle skirt 

- Pink/ Lilac or Marin Blue ankle socks for summer/ ballet tights for winter

- Pink soft toe Ballet shoes with elastics (satin or leather)

- Matching crossover for winter (colour to match leotard)

Ballet Uniform for Boys:

- Blue or White t-shirt

- Navy or Black polycotton/ lycra shorts

- White Socks

- White or Black canvas / leather shoes


Our Ballet classes provide for your children, fun and affordable dance lessons. The following are recommended for the class:

  • Be on time for the classes
  • Try to keep a high attendance
  • Wear the appropriate uniform
  • Bring a small towel
  • Bring a bottle of water or other liquids 

It is encouraged that parents remain outside of the running of the dance classes to minimise disruptions to the class and encourage teacher to student rapport.

We would like to hear from you if you have any input, feedback or any further enquiries. Please 'CLICK HERE' to be redirected to the Contact Us page.


Our Ballet Classes run at both our locations in Summer Hill and Parramatta.

Fridays (46 Sorrell St, North Parramatta):

5pm - 6pm: Ballet for children aged 4-7 years old

6pm - 7pm: Ballet for children aged 8-15 years old

Saturdays (3 Drynan St, Summer Hill):

9.20am - 10.20am: Ballet for children aged 6 - 15 year old

Sydney Dance Rhythms offers the opportunity to all our students to perform at our regular end of term parties, and local community events.

Our kids dance classes are taught by experienced instructors in a safe and child friendly environment.