Romanian Folk Dancing. This class is open to both children (over 5 years old) and adults.

Our already established Romanian Folk Dance Group is welcoming new students in term 2 starting from the 20th April. We welcome everyone over the age of 5 years old who is willing to commit to come to rehearsals and to participate in stage performances. 

By learning the Romanian Folk Dances, not only will you learn how to dance, but you will also learn the traditions and culture of the land of Dracula.

The Romanian folklore is very rich, and each region of Romania has its own specific dances. They can be performed individually, with a partner or in a group. The dances, even though, they are different, they have in common the music and the dynamic rhythm that express joy and passion for life.

By joining these dances, you will discover the magic of the folk music of a country that has a rich history and culture, a world charged with traditions and traditional symbols that date back a few years before Christ, during the Dacians and Getaes.

Under the Sydney Dance Rhythms instructors’ guidance, each student will succeed in getting knowledge of different Romanian Folk dances from the very common “Hora” to the very dynamic “Sarba”.

Please click on the image below to watch Sydney Dance Rhythms students performing a Romanian folk dance on stage.
Romanian Folk Dance


  • Wear comfortable shoes (dance sneakers, running shoes or character shoes preferrable)
  • Wear comfortable and practical clothes for sporting and fitness activities 
  • Bring a small towel
  • Bring a bottle of water or other liquids

Special outfits have to be worn for performances. Please, discuss this with the class instructor. 


The rehearsals take place either on Tuesdays evenings from 6pm in Ashfield or Saturday mornings from 8am in Summer Hill.

$15 per person per casual visit

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Sydney Dance Rhythms is a well established Dance School in Sydney offering dance classes for children, adults and seniors.  We run dance classes in Summer Hill and Parramatta.  We have developed confident and competent dancers since the beginning of 2010, and we have given everyone the opportunity to perform at different small and large scale events in Sydney. No matter the reason you want to learn how to dance  for (be it for fun, to meet new people, socialise, for your wedding, for an event, to get back into dancing, to compete, to follow a career in dance), we can cater for everyone.   

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“Sydney Dance Rhythms have provided our school with great value and quality dance-fitness classes over the past two years. The energetic dance program known as ZumbAtomic covers a variety of dance skills including Hip Hop and Zumba. The sessions which incorporate fitness as well as dance certainly engage and motivate the students as well as develop their fitness level. Cristina and her staff are qualified professionals who have experience in dancing and teaching young children to grandparents.”


Principal at St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School Summer Hill

"I highly recommend Cristina and Sydney Dance Rhythms to anyone interested in wanting their children to participate and excel in dance. My daughter Elena who is 6 was fortunate to have a full term of dance as part of her school curriculum and absolutely loved it and flourished under the instruction of "Miss Cristina". She now attends a weekly jazz dance class and is thoroughly enjoying learning new routines and participating in a fun team environment. My daughter has been to other dance schools in the last 3 years but Sydney Dance Rhythms is definitely the one she has most enjoyed and looks forward to attending every week!"


Elena’s mum (Jazz Dance Class)

“I took my very first dance lessons with Cristina and it was amazing! I learned how to Salsa 6 months ago and I still remember the steps she taught me. I met great people while taking the course and at the end the whole class we went out to for an authentic Salsa night in Sydney. We all got to put our moves to the test, have fun and see how much more we can improve by watching everyone else at the club. Overall, it was a great and affordable opportunity in a relaxed, comfortable environment that everyone should take advantage of sooner than later!”


Latin Dance Class

“My daughter, Lizzie, has enjoyed participating in the Creative Dance Classes running on Saturday mornings. She loves pretending to be animals, doing silly falls, learning a little routine, pretending to sleep and wake like a flower. As a parent, I enjoy seeing the creative play, freeze, circuit, pompoms, the mix of boys and girls and parent involvement.”


Lizzie’s mum (Creative Dance Class)

“My daughter loves the Hip Hop classes. The teacher is wonderful, very friendly and easy going and my child loves her style of teaching.”


Ella’s mum ( Hip Hop Class)

“Our wedding was very memorable and I'm proud to say the bridal dance was the highlight of the night.  We had such great fun with you during the dance lessons, and you gave us so much confidence for our dance. You pushed us hard to do a dance that we didn't even think we had the capabilities to do.”


Wedding Dance Lessons

“It was fantastic having Sydney Dance Rhythms dancers demonstrate and then dance with the members of our senior’s club last week. Our members were very excited to get a chance to dance as most of them have not danced in a long while. It stirred up some lovely memories for them and started conversations about the past. Your friendliness and warmth drew our members into participating and it was a surprise to see some of our frailer seniors take to the floor. The music was well balanced and the variety was enjoyed by all. Our members have agreed that it would be wonderful to have you back again and we look forward to another session of dance and enjoyment.”


Manager at Sir Moses Montefiore Jewish Home