Zumba Fintess is a dance-fitness program aimed at:

  • losing weight,
  • learning steps from various dance styles,
  • having fun to great music, and
  • feeling good.

The classes involve:

  • intense cardio through a mix of dancing and aerobics,
  • a mix of exercises to tone the core, butt, legs and arms, and
  • a mix of stretching exercises at the end.

We run the Zumba classes  on Saturday morning in Summer Hill.

Cristina, an accredited Zumba instructor, has been running the classes for 8 years. Because Cristina is a Ballroom Latin Dancer and a current competitor, she makes sure you will learn some fancy dance moves as well.


There are so many reasons to exercise. Above all, our aim is for you to feel confident and good about yourself!

January 4 @ 10:10


– 11:10


Summer Hill

Sydney Dance Rhythms