Online Classes

The Online Classes can be done from the comfort of your home, and they can be streamed live on request.

They consist of the Zumba classes on Saturday mornings from 10.20am- 11.30am.

The fees are as follows:

Only online

One class:       $7

Only Zumba in the studio

One class: $15

10th week is free (please ask for a Loyalty Card)


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Sydney Dance Rhythms is a well established Dance School in Sydney offering dance classes for children, adults and seniors.  We run dance classes in Summer Hill and Parramatta.  We have developed confident and competent dancers since the beginning of 2010, and we have given everyone the opportunity to perform at different small and large scale events in Sydney. No matter the reason you want to learn how to dance  for (be it for fun, to meet new people, socialise, for your wedding, for an event, to get back into dancing, to compete, to follow a career in dance), we can cater for everyone.